BayBUG designed a new 2015 jersey. If you wish to purchase a jersey, please provide the following details to Geoff (contact details below):

1. Size – see Hot Designs sizing chart (relaxed fit sizes)
2. Style – 4 choices
Men’s relaxed fit, Men’s race fit, Women’s relaxed fit, Women’s race fit
3. Sleeve length – short sleeve or long sleeve (long sleeve option only available in the relaxed fit)
4. Quantity

Zipper 3/4 length zipper applies to all relaxed fit; full length zipper applies to race fit
What is race fit? It is mainly about the waist – comparing the L relaxed and race fit samples when spread out flat, the race fit is 1.5cm smaller across the top of the back & 3.5cm smaller across the waist; so this option may give you a better fit if your measurements put you say in the middle of the chest measurement range for a style, but at the smaller end of the waist measurement range
Cost Hot Designs was chosen to manufacture the jerseys: short sleeve $75; long sleeve $88

The first batch has already been delivered; please contact Geoff if you are interested in a jersey on the next batch (Email:; Phone: 0407 006 874)

The inspiration for this design is the map of Canada Bay, abstracted and represented by circular forms that make reference to the bicycle wheel.
The bay is surrounded by parkland (fluorescent green for high vis) and terracotta roofs that characterise the area; these take on the form of the chequered flag, a symbol of cycling and in particular, of winning!
Design © Mike Botton January 2015