Junior CyclistBayBUG doesn’t run rides that specifically cater to riders under 16, however another organisation in the local area called Neo Cycling Club¬†does.

To find out more, or to make contact, visit the Neo Cycling website. They are happy to assist if you are having difficulty transitioning your child to riding without training wheels.

Learn-To-Ride Program (for non riders)

Neo Cycling Club offer a Learn-To-Ride program for juniors hoping to learn to ride a bike. The one-on-one program is geared towards keeping the new rider engaged and learning to ride a bike in the shortest timeframe possible. See the Neo Learn-To-Ride Program for details. Riders completing the program can then move on to the activities below.

Junior rides (for existing riders)

Warmer Months (October to March)

Tuesday & Thursday from 5:45pm to 6:30pm – training under lights
Sunday from 3pm to 5pm – events with a focus on having fun
At Lidcombe Oval and Velodrome (all activities in a car-free environment)

Cooler Months (April to September)

Wednesday from 5:45pm to 6:30pm – training under lights
Lidcombe Oval and Velodrome (all activities in a car-free environment)
Sunday gates open 1pm, first event from 2pm – events have a focus on having fun
Lansdowne Reserve, Lansdowne (all activities in a car-free environment)

Distance Depends on rider ability; training drills and racing are typically short followed by brief resting periods
Grade No minimum age – any junior rider who can ride without training wheels, through to advanced junior racers; riders are graded and grouped by ability
Type of bike Any bike in good working order will do. All new riders should start with whatever bike they already have. Resist buying a new bike if your child already has a bike.

There is no need to go out and buy expensive new equipment, as you will discover junior bike requirements are very different to adults.

Coaches The coaches and officials have over 100 years of combined experience developing cycle skills for new riders, particularly very young riders. They include accredited coaches, commissaires and racers in most cycling disciplines.
Contact For further information, call Stelio Pappas 0431 814 917 (before 9pm)