By Paul Wijngaarden

Main involvements during the year with others has been related to the following:

City of Canada Bay Review of 2005 Bike Plan

Council agreed with the recommendations of the Consultants and in September accepted an abridged Bike Plan, despite Geoff Ashton’s BayBUG persistent representations to retain less developed routes indicative of where cyclists prefer to ride. BayBUG had received a good hearing during discussions with the consultants.

Rhodes Committee BayBUG Representative

Was accepted as a member of the Committee as BayBUG representative.

Continuing to advocate for:

  1. A crossing of the rail corridor to link in with the Homebush Bay Bridge due for completion by April 2016
  2. An underpass of Homebush Bay Drive on eastern side of the rail corridor as part of North Strathfield Corridor works
  3. Attended Meetings with Council representatives / consultants, along with Rolf Muller and Geoff Ashton, on cycle infrastructure issues of the area
  4. Made an initial submission on Rhodes East Development Planning; public asked to contribute through the website Survey

Attended Briefings / Public Exhibition opportunities regarding

  1. WestConnex – met with contractor’s representatives re improvements to North South and other regional cycle links in close proximity of the proposed works
  2. New Parramatta Road Urban Development Plan – attended Street opportunities and two Community Forums re proposals

Prepared submissions relating to

  1. Rhodes resident concerns about speeding cyclists causing conflict with locals using the Foreshore shared path which is primarily a recreation route
  2. Contributed a submission on the Flemington Station Upgrade now under way
  3. Drafted a response on the New Parramatta Road Urban Development Project
  4. Wrote to RMS re Parramatta Road southern path advocating upgrade of path and cross street kerb ramp links
  5. Wrote to RMS and Strathfield Council suggesting more acceptable options to obviate proposed cutting off of access to Flemington Markets via the Marlborough Road Tunnel

Monitoring Role with others re cycling infrastructure implications

  1. North Strathfield Rail Corridor – Liberty Grove Queen Street entry Underpass surrounds needs drainage work
  2. Canada Bay (Powell Creek) will be significantly impacted by New Parramatta Road high rise development proposals
  3. Homebush Columbia Precinct Development now well advanced
  4. Wentworth Point Developments (Bridge to open early 2016)
  5. WestConnex (Much debate)

Concord West / Rhodes Advocacy Report for 2015