By Geoff Ashton

Welcome to BayBUG’s occasional newsletter. This time it is mainly about the new compulsory ID laws and 500% increases in fines for cyclists.

Auburn City Bike Plan

There is a public meeting at 6pm on 11 February. Auburn Council says:

People can have their say by participating in a public meeting, where participants will be invited to express their views and suggestions about the bike facilities in the local area.

The public meeting will be held in the Auburn City Council Atrium at 1 Susan St Auburn (Thursday 11 February at 6pm). For registrations and more information, please contact Council on 9735 1222. We are also encouraging people to fill out a quick survey on what upgrades to bicycle infrastructure are needed in Auburn City. The link to the survey: New Auburn Bike Plan

Join Bicycle NSW’s campaign against the fines for cyclist failure to carry identification and increased fines for breaches of cyclist road rules

You can see what is proposed at the government’s site:

You can see what Bicycle NSW thinks of this at:

If like Bicycle NSW you believe that:
“….any policy or regulatory changes should make riders safer and encourage riding, so as to benefit health, transport, community and the environment. We do not believe that these fine increases will help achieve these aims. As NSW roads face more and more congestion, the Government should be looking at ways to encourage bike riding as a form of transport, rather than discouraging riding.”

then perhaps you should let the government know what you think about this idea?

Bicycle NSW suggests that all of us who care:

  • Write to our local State MPs and the Premier
  • Support and promote the petition (Note: Petition will be delivered to Mike Baird Monday 15 Feb, so get to it this week!)
  • Make appointments to see (or email) our State MP John Sidoti
Newsletter February 2016