By David Martin (Sunday Rides Convenor)

The Rides

  • Rides have been held every Sunday (mid Nov 2015-2016) except six: five rides cancelled due to bad weather (plus Sydney Spring Cycle, 16 Oct)
  • A total of 60 Sunday rides have been held, plus eight split groups ie shorter and longer routes to same destination (compared with 57 in the previous year with five cancelled due to rain)
  • Most of our rides are Easy/Medium (15-17 km/h average), max 40 km distance; or Medium (17-22 km/h), max 50 km; we do not cater for entry level riders
  • Starting the ride on the first Sunday of the month in Five Dock is working well
  • Accidents and incidents: a few minor falls at slow speed, nothing more serious
  • Approximately 20 new riders have joined our rides this year
  • Average group size: approx 10 riders; largest group: 18 (to Centennial Park, 3 April)

Ride Leaders

Active Sunday ride leaders: Rolf, Mike, Kevin, Geoff, David and Derek – new RL, February.

The BayBUG Ride Leaders Forum (Jan) identified issues in managing riding behaviour, viz riders: entering roundabouts without giving way to other vehicles; not keeping off the path or roadway when stopping eg for re-grouping; overlapping wheels; stringing out at red lights leading to the group not getting across as one; having poor awareness of their position on the road, especially when cars are overtaking.

Also agreed was the need to ‘buddy’ new riders, mainly to ensure a feeling of inclusion and also to give skills coaching if necessary.

On-line information (registered riders, ride route maps, forward ride program, ride attendance) is actively managed and updated by RLs.

Future Action

  • Always looking for (1) new ride leaders and (2) suggestions for new routes, destinations and experiences as well as improvements to ride management
  • Actors will be sought for the Bicycle NSW ride leader training in Feb 2017
  • We will convene a Ride Leaders Forum in early 2017

Memorable Rides 2016

  • Highline, Ultimo – Geoff (Dec 15)
  • Xmas Lights – Kevin & Derek
  • Castlecrag peninsula – David
  • Balmoral – Boathouse Café and swim – David (Jan 16)
  • Clovelly – snorkelling – Mike (Feb)
  • Nielsen Park, shunned the ferry, rode home – Rolf & David (Apr)
  • Prospect, Toongabbie, new route – David (May)
  • Vivid Festival, night lights – Mike (June)
  • Kurnell, 94km total! – David (June)
  • Pyrmont, Woolloomooloo, city discovery – Mike (Aug)
  • Belmore etc, new route – Rolf (Oct)
  • Bobbin Head, beautiful morning – David
The Sunday Rides Story for 2016